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Cisco predicts that by 2015, there will be nearly 15 billion network connected devices, up from today’s 5 billion devices. This will be driven by the surge in tablets, mobile phones, connected appliances and other smart machines. They also predict a growth in number of Internet users from today’s 2 billion to 3 billion. That is only an increase of 50%, which means that each one of us will double the amount of connected devices up to an average of 5 devices per person. Personally, I think this estimate is too cautious.


Recently, Ecma International General Assembly approved technical report TR-102 on  Personal Networks and made it available for unrestricted download. Personal Networks, or PNs for short, make it easy and secure to interconnect people’s electronic devices. They enable the usage of personal devices and applications in a completely new way. This is a significant step in the way towards a standard for PNs. The technical report defines PNs and discussed the standardization needs that needs to be addressed. It was prepared by the TC32-PNF editing group and can be accessed for free here.


On Wednesday 12 January 2011, we will give a tutorial on Personal Networks at the IEEE CCNC conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. You are all welcome to join this tutorial. Details and registration can be found at the IEEE CCNC website. While you are there, don’t forget to attend our workshop on personalized networks, which will be held on Sunday 9 January.


Please, help us by filling out our survey on Personal Networks. The survey can be found at this link.


It is now becoming more and more common to use technology to help elderly stay at home longer. There are numerous examples of companies offering solutions based on wireless sensors in the house as well as wearable sensors for monitoring the health and well-being of elderly or patients. The systems usually can monitor a host of things, such as motion in particular rooms, whether a person has taken his or her medicine, or blood pressure. This information can then be collected and relayed in real-time to doctors or family members.

Personal Networks is able to offer these types of applications in a secure, reliable, and easy to setup way for everyone involved.


On the 9th of January 2011, the fifth IEEE workshop on personalized networks (Pernets) will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at the IEEE CCNC conference. The program for the day has now been published. While being there, you should also attend our tutorial on “Connect All Your Electronic Devices with Personal Networks — Architectures, Technologies, Applications“, which will be held on the 12th of January 2011.


Ford Motor Company has realized that it is possible to extend the functionality of a car with the devices that the user brings into it. Instead of building in functionality that may become obsolete before the car, it is better to leverage the user’s devices, such as cell phone, mp3 player, etc. For instance, the car can use the cell phone to connect to the Internet instead of duplicate functionality.

This is a very good example of a limited and specific version, for a small set of applications, of what a Personal Network could provide.


The paper submission deadline for Pernets workshop has been extended to September 1, 2010. The workshop will take place in conjunction with IEEE CCNC in Las Vegas on January 9, 2011.


The number of devices that are connected to the Internet is expected to pass the 5 billion milestone later this month, according to IMS Research. Also companies, such as Intel, talks a lot about how the number of connected electronic devices will increase in the future. Also we see this trend and when the number of connected personal devices increases, we will need better software systems for managing all these devices, such as Personal Networks. Tasks, such as networking and security, must be handled automatically for this trend to be sustainable.


We will again organize the Pernets workshop on personalized networks and you are all invited to submit papers. Also this time, the workshop will take place in conjunction with IEEE CCNC in Las Vegas. The deadline for submission is August 24, 2010. See the pernets website for more info.

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